1. Ministry of Culture, New Delhi set up a high power committee to look into the grievances & other matters related to the central government libraries & staff after receiving suggestion from various library associations & libraries.
  2. A Local newspapers ‘Amar Ujala’ dated 5th April 2004 carried a circular put in by the Director, Central Secretariat library, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi asking for suggestion that can be put up before the High Power Committee set up by the Ministry of Culture.
  3. At the local level nor at the national level there was any body or association existing which could be made the nodal agency to send in the suggestions etc recommended by the Central Govt Libraries of Dehradun or for that matter everywhere in India.
  4. There are quite a few Central Government Offices in Dehradun with well established libraries manned by professional libraries.Seeing the possibilities and opportunities we the Central Govt librarians assembled and decided to set up an association that could look into the welfare of librarians of Dehradun.
  5. We set up the association named “Central Government Library Association” in May 2004 and got it registered under the society’s registration act in Nov 2004.
  6. This association was the need of the hour.
  7. From the 4th & 5th Pay Commissions, the Central Govt Librarians had not got a fear deal
  8. There were number of ambiguities in implementation of the 5th pay commission, pay scales, categorisation of Libraries etc.
  9. Though Ministry of Culture was to look with these problems they were loaded with requests from individuals and specific institutions.
  10. No association or nodal agency existed that could jointly represent the case of Central Govt Librarians.
  11. At this justification we at Dehradun decided to form CGLA: An association that could be the mouth pace of all the Central Govt librarian & look into their welfare from a single platform.
  12. The Moment, we came into existences we started with sending in our requests and suggestions to the ministry of culture.
  13. Through CGLA letter No 01/2004-CGLA dated 19 May 2004 was sent to with request for implementation of 5th Central Pay Commission suggestions, categorisation of libraries, staffing pattern in the libraries. Also sent by fax, dated 25.5.04.
  14. When No reply was received, a reminder was sent to with the request of implementation of Vth CPC suggestions and categorisation of libraries and a demand for setting up central library services on the same pattern as IRS, IAS, IIS, & POS etc. this demand was for getting status for central libraries and uniform pattern of recruitment rules.
  15. Our next letter was 08/CGLA-2005 dated 30.8.05 again to the secretary ministry of culture regarding the cadre structure of libraries and central library service. The copy of this letter was also send to the secretary department of expenditure ministry of finance and secretary ministry of personnel (DOPT), New Delhi.
  16. The reminder was sent by letter No 11/CGLA-2005 dated 5.9.05.
  17. All these efforts ultimately paid of and CGLA at least received a reply to their letters from dept of administrative reforms and public grievances, New Delhi vide their letter No DARPG/-/2005/02497(06) dated 22 Nov 2005. Saying that your suggestions have been forwarded to Mr. K Jayakumar, IAS, JS Ministry of Culture, Shashtri Bhawan, New Delhi.