Aim & Objectives

CGLA has been established in Uttaranchal, now Uttarakhand, Dehradun as this place has number of Central/ Autonomous Government Departments with well establishments libraries.

The main aims of the Association:

  1. To develop the ways and means for the overall betterment of the library Profession & professionals.
  2. Better career prospects for all levels / grades of library staff.
  3. To be an integral part of the committee to develop a state library legislative and to create conducive public vote for its implementation.
  4. To create desire and awareness among the clientele for self study by providing well-maintained and properly managed libraries.
  5. To provide desired help and advice to infrastructure of which it is the part.

Objectives :

With the above cited aims of the CGLA, the association wants to achieve the following objectives.

  • To spread the association in all parts of the country.
  • To solicit help and association from other library, association to fulfill the common library profession aims and objectives.
  • To arrange seminar, Conference, workshop & book exhibitions etc.
  • Most important to provide help and assistant to library professionals associated to this CGLA and top see to their welfare.
  • To achieve all the aims and objectives of the Association, Associations need funds, To generate it all possible sources will be requested.